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hai im 11 friggen years old 030 and i like to add ppl to my favorites well i dont now what else to say now so bai! you get a cookie!!! i took third grade two times well ya i hav a burfdAy every year lyk a human beign lol( UPDATED december 5th 2011)

HELLO hatenians i like sugar sugar weeeeeeee XP i love choooocccclllaaatttteeeeee ALOT

I am A FEMALLLLLE dB< hahahaha im evil dOcter porkkkkkkccccchhhooooppp sooooooooooooooooO HAI!!!! hey hey hey R U ukay? im sleeppppyyyying ZZZZZzzzzZZzzzz ohohohohohoh Ooooooooooooh i have a dogggy wepp so im like chlosterphobic!!! and i cunt breath AHhhhhhahhh BRB nees to go potty!!! XP baiiiii