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(Updated on July 31, 2012 )

Ahh me And Enrique have come along way... through the hard times and the things that ive done to make him lose his trust in me... i never did any of that on purpose i never would. it only happened cause im young i didnt know anybetter i leared from bad influences.. im not like them anymore .

Tomorrows our 4 month anniversary it would be more months but i f///uck/ed up (as usual)

Enrique if your reading thiis i want you to know that i love you and i wont ever forget you if something happens. Your like no other, you cant be replaced. idk why your acting like you are now but its k/i.lling me... i hate it. i feel like its all my fault even tho im pretty sure its not or idk maybe it is. if it is then tell me... ill make it right i only love you and no one else... i dont see any other guys i dont check them out. the reason behind my smile is knowing your mine and no one elses... the reason why i cry is thinking about losing you.... i would lose a part of me ... please dont ever let go of my heart because it hurts just thinking about it...

anything you decide to do just know ill be right behind you to support you and to help you do betterr... if you ever find someone else i hope your happy together and i wish you the best .

i quit cause i dont even come one

Nati you were an amazing friend



Emily<3 ill miss you bb

everyone else....