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I am a 11 year old girrrrrrrrl named Haylee Green.I have golden brown hair and I am white.I weigh around 60 pounds,super skinny,and is about 40-50 inches (or feet i don't know) tall.My hair is long.I have hairy arms and a little bit hairy legs°o°.I love my daddy so much our love would kill everybody,more than the whole universe,so ya.LOL! My mama and daddy split when I was in kindergarden.My daddy later dated other girls but none had worked out until he met my stepmom,Lisa.She loves horses so a few years after they met we got a horse barn.I have 3 dogs,Skittlez & Tequila,plus Mozi,2 BIG birds,Jamaka & Rosie,and 1 cat,Miss a sippe(spelled purpesely like that).We used to have a dog way long when Lisa first came and before her.She was a long haired jack russle named,Miget.Daddy gave her to one of his friends becuz she was left by Amber,my oldest sister.But my 1ST DOG EVER!was Peewee.14 years old,he never got nutered so he had got cancer in his test-i-cles.We put him to sleep.I HAVE 2G SLEEP TILL AFTER SCHOOL. BYEZ!!!!!OK SO I CONTINUED! i am emo i have been on tv i know sum fames ppls and i can speak french well i was born in usa but w/ french language and meh twin kaylee was born here 2 but is brittishok well srry again but g2g BYEZ!