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Hero Book 3 Episode 1 - 0%

Tap Hero - 50%

Weekly Entry - Entering

Brawl FC: 0389-2848-2115

Freinds - Seth, Mason, Kris & Ninja

Plz Note I Do Not Accept Requests on Flipnotes Unless Your my freind on hatena I Also Do Not Accept Tagges Unless There By 1 of My Freinds. Also Comment on my Update Flipnote if You:

1. Add Me as a Freind in Brawl

2. Tag Me

3. iz Curios

I Have a Maple Story Now!

Name: SiSiB Slash

World: Galacia

Job: Legend

Lvl: 7

Me & Axelsora have a youtube & a screwattack!!!



S.A.G.A. (Stawrz Are Greatly Appreciated.)

Thx & Good Bye!

This is Updated Every Week or 2 :D