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Hi, I'm a 13 year old girl from England. Currently I'm making '100 ways to use flipnote' and I would appreciate your ideas,leave a comment on my Flip 'I need your help'. Oh and a Vocaloid Album but I don't know what song to use. I'll figure it out though! I'm seriously thinking about doing a Kat-Tun music video PV, I'm just not very good at animating or making people look real so it will be a fail! ♥

You can talk to me on www.cybermentors.org.uk I'm a cybermentor called manga@kc1 so you can also talk to me about stuff. I can speak english(duh) and a bit of french, german and japanese. I love rock, j-rock and vocaloid!!!

My favourite song right now is every single Kat-tun song eva!! I ♥ them!

Bye!!! \(^o^)/ (>^o^)>













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