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update: 8/10/12

i start school again on Sept 5, ma first year of High school O_o


~hey its me, nekoTANK! here's a few facts on me

here are my many inspirations <3 (in order)


Reina Wolf

Death (Candy)


Symrox jox





Esther (different region)

Kyoko (different region)



my close friends are leaving one by one. the only ppl left are the ones that think staying here & not leaving will make things better, and the stealers that claim themselves not to be. its getting sad that you dont have friends to keep you going cause the decided to leave without notice or a goodbye. Soon hatena will be left with children with no ideas or thoughts on a flipnote because the ones that did, have grown up & possibly threw there worn out DSi away. the ones that had those great ideas wouldve used them for something better, somewhere they could use them and be greater appreciated for it.



update: 8/10/12

my mental instability is creating things i dont want, and avoiding the things i need

and i ran out of oreos D:>


Character Bios:


name: Linksys Proxy

species: black cat

gender: female

age: 16

powers: she's a red esper

enemies: amerie(mine), honey(mine), her brother, malevolent

status: bisexual

theme song: Giving it all-miguel migs feat. LT

fur color: very dark gray

skin color: peach

eyes: detailed red(her left), fazed carnation pink(her right)

date of birth: September 22

attire: 2 identical red bows, tall black choker, a red halter top with a silver bell & matching red ribbon. classic black shorts, long white gloves, white over-the-knee boots, and a big red bow to tie her hair down.

relatives: Max & Rex (cousins), Static (step brother), Edward "eddie" (uncle), Linux(older brother)

bio: Linksys cat is a britannian female esper (if u dont kno what a britannian is, please just dont bother me about it.) well shes actually half english (meaning from england), half japanese <3. Shes more english than i thought she was :D . she likes art, anime, manga, milk (omgs, i wuv milk! X3 its mah fav. drink) coffee, the color red, red velvet pastries, red wine, champagne, formal suits/dresses, guys in suits, electronics, guns, japanese/indian culture, dance, house, electro, and techno music ('wasn't sure if all of those were the same), Deadmau5, Skrillex, Deadmau5 remixes, hot showers, and bath houses. shes just like me <3. she hates children, spiders, bugs in her home, bugs in her fur (that rarely happens, dont worry), when her bro acts re tarded, lol, & thats it. oFTo she prefers to dress formally sometimes because, well, thats the natural classical way <3

here are my other charies <3 (added more info)

Linksys Proxy the cat

Solaris the panda

Static the hedgehog

Trevor the island fox

Percival the vampire bat

Malicious the shinigami/baku

Pariah the persian cat

Amerie Gueneviere the arctic wolf

Felicity Valance the red fox

Toxin the hedgehog

Max & Rex the german shepherds

Uncle Eddie the siberian husky

Azaezel the echidna

Nix Valium the red panda

Vintage the chameleon

Spice the fruit bat

Cajin the echidna

Vixen the echidna

Honey the pooh bear

Jackal the hedgehog

Vice the hyena

Opaque the rabbit

Gage the lynx

Mia the kitten & Savage the werehog

Seashell the fennec fox

Jaq Gueneviere the arctic wolf

Fauna the doe

Sue and Eve the Fawns

Cinema Gueneviere the arctic wolf

Seminar Valance the red fox

Cameo the canary

Kaleo the raccoon

Windrix the caracal

Wirre the Hare

Abdiel the demonhedge

Abraxas the demonhedge

lol, thats alot. i have more, but they all dont need to be listed. ill make a flip of them soon