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Hello people who bother to read these things, i'm Blue*Wolf and I love entertaining you people with my animations. I am also a big fan of Anime/Manga such as Naruto, Naruto shippuden, Bleach,DeathNote, Soul eater, Hetalia ,Black butler,DGray-man, Ouran high school host club,kekkaishi, Durarara and many others.I have five major Original Characters (o.c's for short) which you might see in some of my flips, they include Blue: my main oc (you can see her in many flips). Blue Wolf: he's a small wolf charater you may see pop up. Okami: an oc i've made for Naruto. Wellington/Brett: My OC for Hetalia, wellington is the capitol of New Zealand. Took: A 12 year old who knows everything and anything about mecanics, and keeps an adorable cockny accent. My Faviorite character of all time is TOSHIRO HITSUGAYA from Bleach...i love him, lol. I wrote alot of this when i was younger so its funny how much of this i have to edit. I play alot of video games mostly nintendo games like pokemon, The ledgend of Zelda, or others such as Okami, portal, left4dead and again others that i can't think of now. I have a favorite LPer in mind everytime I play video games named Chuggaaconroy. (I've made some flips with his commentary, CHUGGA FOREVER!)

When i'm older i hope to be a real animator and have an EPIC series like Adventure time showing on television. I am a very big PROCRASTINATOR, which means alot of the time I leave things for the last minute. I AM A HUGE TOMBOY!! I play a ton of sports, and love makin' new buds! I rarely ever get depperessed so you never have to worry about me quiting or taking a long break because of deppression, usally if im away it means im either too lazy to do anything, i dont have any idea what to do, or im playing video games!

I Have so many best friends on Hatena it would be dumb to try and list all of em' besides i think they know who they are ~<3

Well, if you took the time to read this i congradulate you and give you a cookie from the bottom of my heart...actually you may not want to eat that.