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I will give a surprise to everyone who gives at least 5 stars and one good comment and you get to choose your surprise. Please tell everyone who has this.If you ever see some of my comments they might have images on them that is because i am on a free 1 month trial of hatena plus you get three green stars for doing this. You all who like my flips might get EXTRA SURPRISE!!!!!!So if i find you added at least 5 stars on all of my flips you could get that EXTRA SURPRISE!!!!!!I do like a lot of things and i only have 1popular flipnote whitch most of whom added comments say that it was lame but some of you who did added a lot of stars so maybe you did like it but don'twant the cool ones to know you like but don't worry about them worry about what you want!!!!!!!!!!!Be you not someonelse the choice is yours be lively be smart BE YOU!!!!!Pass this to your friends. Thanks BYE.