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Hi thar! Welcome to my profile(OF DOOM *DRAMATIC MUSIC*)! I liek Pokemon, Sonic, IZ, and whatever I have made an OC of! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! I AM MADDIE! ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO US!!!

0.0 Oh wow, I wrote that, what? Like a year ago? Dear goodness, I sounded like a spazz. And it was so short. Anyways, I'm Maddie. I'm 14 years old. I enjoy drawing, video games, and mostly, making flipnotes! As you can see, I post all of my doodles like crazy, seeing as I have OVER 1000 FLIPS. I mean, geez, what's wrong with me? Also, I love Invader Zim, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Happy Tree Friends, Hamtaro, Code Lyoko, Vocaloid, Regular Show, cuddly stuff, scary stuff, long scarves, bunnies, turtles (wait what! XD) and about a billion other stuff. (I have made an OC for almost everything I just listed)

I hope you enjoy my flips! ~Maddie

My 3DS code: 2964-9122-8223