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hi im Torches~

Im just a girl that wants to improve in art and animation

Now here are my o.cs

Cloudy:my main o.c also a winged umbreon that is shiny and white fur

Clover:a blue meganium(female)

Chippy:my hamster that passed away on my b-day party :( but is still my o.c(female)

Flare:Cloudy's bf

Shadow:A gray wolf (male)

Sparks:my cat form(female)

Shock:a blue snivy(male)

Kendra:a kingdra mixed with a dragonair(male)

now my buds

cresent:my fave freind also my first on hatena

pika❤lover:a freind of mine i also think she is the freind with the most fans lol

Eminet:she is awesome and a good drawer lol i was also her first freind

Joshy™:he is A GREAT furret drawer

Blum3w:i think i spelled it wrong lol srry

~Fire$tar™:a big fan of cats :D

Yoshizilla:a good freind of mines she play animal jam with me to :D

Soulstar:one of my newest freinds and is a awesome animator

Did i forget anyone?if your not in tell me or maybe i dont count you as a freind...

Darkespeon is my sister in real life so thats all

Here is a little more info about me:

I live in Bakersfeild California

I ❤wolves and pokemon +more

I have a jack russel terrier named Jill she was my b-Day gift

Thats all .3.