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Name: Paul Melendez

Flipnote Name: Akihiko

Age: Unknown. (ha!)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark Brown

e-mail: paulybleach@yahoo.com (facebook)

X-box LIVE- Akihiko45

Hey thar! I ish Akihiko and i am so random. I can draw rlly well, and noticed i am improving still! I am writing a book called Itsume, and Lithos(most popular). If u wanna read em, Itsume has about 24 episodes so far. Lithos has 3 episodes since its now on hatena, but on book there is one entire book filled with 200 pages. anyway if u have questions or concerns....u know where to find meh.

Itsume is starting to be a problem for me because, i'm kinda running out of ideas. However i will still continue. Well i am now taking requests. Drawings, or wanting to voice as a chara in Itsume.

As for Lithos...uhm well xD no difficulties, so im fine.

And now for this new series, im making with another friend :3 we're still recruiting voice actors. Series is called Vampire Siren.