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Im on the road to fame. Someday, I WILL be famous on Hatena. Just not today..

Kay so to start this off, my name is Natalee. I am a girl, bro. Im currently the age of 12. Me birthday is on August 2nd, which BY THE WAY is the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. See, you learn something everday -insert derp face here-

I think Im OKAY at drawing anime and such coolness. I kinda came up with my own style along the way. I really just took Chibi, anime, and simple lines and mashed them all together. Tadaaa my style. If you wanna know in such equisite detail about my style, look at my fridgin flips.

My favorite colors are orange and LIME. Well I love tacos. thats all to know about me, stop reading this you stalkerrr, kthxbai.

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