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The name's Roxii! I blow my candles out on May 26th. I am between the ages of 1 and 100. I am not just random..I AM RANDOM! Let's do some FAQs!

What is your real name?

What's my real name?? Whats my REAL NAME?!? WHAT IS MY REAL NAME?! Well...that is NONE OF YOUR FREAKING BUSINESS!! Okay haha I'm joking, my parent's don't allow me to provide personal information on my flipnotes/hatena so sorry but I can not give you my real name.

How old are you?

Old enough.

Have you recorded your voice on any of your flipnotes?

Yeah. On a couple...most of them were pitched high...

Where are you from?

Why do you care?

Okay fine I'm from New Zealand and South America but I was born and raised in U.S.A.

Where do you live?

Dude, if you come to my house I will punch your face in.

If you had one wish what would it be?

That you would stop asking me questions

Did it come true?

No, you're still here

Do you like anime/manga?

What do you think?

Can you draw anime/manga?

I don't know. A little. Are you making fun of me?!?!?!?!

Can I be your friend?

Let me think...NO

Why not?

Unless I know you really well or i can trust you...Your chances are totally screwed

You're mean!

You say it like it's a BAD thing.

It is a bad thing!

So was your birth!

You're are just stuffed up!

The only thing stuffed up is your face!

I give up!



When did you say you were giving up?



Peace out! :P