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hi i'm zap i a'm 12 years old i like 2 watch invader zim and play pokemon video games i like to battle worrty opponents some times trade i watch invader zim every day mostly i go on hatena everyday i have this many o.c.c's:

zap:he likes to be proud of achviments he did in his 120 years of life=12 in earth years.

vek: a fun spirted irken who likes to hangout with zap as much as he can cause he admires him and think he's the coolest guy he ever met.

Nik: One of the best friends of zap they known each other for years also he likes to be stupid sometimes when it comes to extream thins

Rye (re-a):another best frind of zap but she is a girl they both have a lot of things in common like video games, talking a lot, agreeing on same things, music, and ect.

flame:my little bro he is only 10 two years younger than me, bit taller by a centimeters he likes to jump into stuff that he's not allowed in

luis: allways the optimise one really hates when people make fun of him or his friends. doesn't care if people say he is differnent. he is intresting to be around cause he's got a weird personality.