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Hey my names Adam, my birthdays the 30th July, i'm from England, My best mates on hatena are:

Shion~, Abii♥, ambie x, LAYTON☆, しucky♪$tar, たぬö▼にハy▼¿, Moustache and many more people... :D

So I just wanna say I hope you enjoy my flips and remember to add stars.


oFTo ♦♥♦

oh and btw, if you wanna talk to me I will probably be at Hams chatroom

I also am on DeviantART:


about me and hatena:

Yh so i've already said who i'm really good mates with so now what i do,

I draw manga and anime but have recently moved(still do manga) into creating MV's and this has brought me alot more famous than what i started of as, i'm quite well known now as almost every flip i create gets highly noticed and manages to always get into the most popular section depending on if I work hard on it :D

Feel free to comment and ask me stuff as i get along with people quite well and will hopefully try to amuse you if you treat me well.


About leaving and joining hatena:

Whilst this place isn't as good as it use to be back when it started, it's still bringing amazing people into the community but also ones that ruin it by begging and cheating ect.

I may leave for a month at times but always promise to check up with certain people when I say i'm taking a break, and no i'd never leave completely as i've become quite fond of hatena and some of the people on it. so please don't worry if i say i'm leaving for good cos no, i won't.


Rankings and stuff .3.

highest creator ranking- #22 yeahhhh, new record >FT<

highest ranking flip-8 or 9 .3.

Stars achieved

  • 100,000 gold ★'s Achieved
  • 85 green ★'s Achieved
  • 15 Red ★'s Achieved
  • 2 Blue ★'s Achieved
  • 1 Purple ★

Silver Citizenship- Achieved

150 fans- Achieved


New Targets-

200,500 gold ★'s

170 green ★'s

40 red ★'s

10 blue ★'s

2 Purple ★'s

250 Fans


My MV's created-

#1 Example- won't go quietly -FINISHED-

#2 Pitbull- give me everything tonight preview -FINISHED-

#3 Charile Sheen- Epic winning -FINISHED-

#4 Kanye West- Power -FINISHED-

#5 Kevin Rudolf- Let it rock -FINISHED-

#6 Resident Evil Kirby remix -FINISHED-

#7 Jason Derulo - ridin' Solo -30%-

#8 Example- stay awake -NOT YET STARTED-

#9 I'll decide over time -NOT STARTED-

MY most Viewed and star given MV is Kevin Rudolf- Let it rock

Just watch some of my older ones sometime and add some stars and comments if u don't mind .3.


Check out these Amazing creators:

on- id:leon14- Great MV creator .FT.

Abii♥- id:AbiiBaybeexx- This girl is amazing at manga and anime .O.

Howaitô- id:AnimeKitten- Once again another amazing manga creator :)

Kay~ murr- id:kayleighx- She's simply just an amzing friend ;)

Lrox☆™- id:lucas868- This kid amazes me with his MV's :D

○°HM。●•- id:hamtaro919- She makes brilliant flips :P

WÏZハD♪タひ- id:u86pqmo00-98555bummer567399m0- Not sure if he's still around but, he makes brilliant MV's and parodies .w.

MdM- id:MdMbunny- You should already know about this guy -w-

Three D- id:Swiggly- Amazing Pixel art creator .3.

★$Qひ!て☆- id:LlamaBoyy- This guy is my inspiration :D

Griffami™ id:G2BBC0D0A0FB5359- Great animator and MV creator

Mr Joker- id:SSF132- He isn't on much, but when he is he never fails to get noticed.

ravin ryan- id:Ryanryan9- I don't know much about this guy but he seems pretty epic

JJ McCalla- id:nintenjj- He should be noticed more D:

Fire-Flyer- id:Fire-Flyer- She does amazing drawings .v.

Wow, long list, huh...

























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