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*spirit member*

*Magnum leader*

*Topex member*

*titan member*

*kamikaze member*

i am a novice stick fight creator.{lol duh}

i like flip-notes.{lol duh again}

i am looking forward to getting more popular here,

getting more fans,[and making freinds, Plz don`t mis-understand]

and i understand getting those takes

ambition, hard work, and talent.luckily for me, i

have a little bit of each of those. here is how

popular i would like to get before i leave hatena;

1000 fans and 500,000-1,000,000 stars.but realize,

the reason i would want so many stars is to attract fans.

[lol you may have noticed i changed my description a little bit, because there were some people questioning it]

>0< thank you >0<