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Name: Jah

Age: 15

Gender: F

Grade:10th, HighSchool Ftw!! :)


Favorite Color: Blue and Pink

Favorite Colors to use on Hatena: Red & Blue

Favorite Music: Rap, HipHop, R&B, Blues, Jazz

Likes: Ice cream :), Cookies, reading & writing, boys <3, Chatting :D, school, friends, running, basketball, helping, gym,and lotza other cool stuff lol

Dislikes: FRs, Thieves, History Class

BFF: Logan(girl) & John(boy)

Favorite Subject:Biology, & English

Favorite Song as of Now: How you gonna act like that - Tyrese

Never Never Land- Lyfe Jennings

Ms. Independent - Ne-yo

Favorite Book: Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper

Favorite show:THE BOONDOCKS, Amazing World of Gumball,Regular Show

Hatena ocuppation: Writing guides and stuff like that

Channel: Jah Network

Catch phrase: [Don't got one right now]

Details: I like to just chill and relax. My fav hobbies include: playing basketball, texting, eating and hanging out with friends. I'm in high school, and enjoying it! I have many friends in RL and on Hatena. I enjoy chatting with all my awesome fans and meeting new people around Hatena! It's an amazing place to hang out at!!

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