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Thank u fans! WOW OVER 800 FANS! OMGOMGOMG over 250,000 STARZ! THANK U ALL! want me 2 tell u a little about myself? k:

My name is Jacqueline.

I live in New Jersey.

I hav 3 pets: a yorkie, a westie, and a guinea pig

Fave color: aqua and gray

Birthday: {October 23, SCORPIO}

Fave singer: Avril Lavigne/Katy Perry

Favorite Band: WE THE KINGS!

Favorite Song: Friday is Forever by WTK! (we the kings)

Fave Show: That 70s Show

Some of my goals on hatena r :

{Over 1,000 Fanz!}

{Meeting alot of famous creators}

{meeting new friendz}

when i grow up, i want to b a singer/songwriter, but i might hav to use autotune lol. if i am famous wen i grow up, ima go to all the kids tht were mean to me's houses and b like ''HAHA IM FAMOUS NOW! KMA!'' lol.