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Ma name: femke <3

birthday: 13 may 1997

lives: belgium ;D

about: hey my name is femke and i lives in belgium, i likes to draw pokemons and humans ...... ummmm thinking ...... XD i'm boring i'f you wanne know .o.

o and i love to watch television xD

hur hur hur .3.

Things i like:

Things i hate:

  • stalkers on skype xD
  • False reportes >.<
  • Homework :p

and now I must say something about some people :

first of all Emma :

u ar really my GREATEST and most AMAZING sister ever !! u ar relly unique !!! i really hope u never will leave cause u ar my bff and sister for ever !!!!!!!! <3

now Leonie :

Leonie I do not know where you are or you are gone but one thing I must really say you will always be my sister and I will never forget you get a special place in my heart, you will be my sister for Always! even if you're not and you will forget me, I will always and never forget you're my sister forever !!!! <3

and now the last one Laura :

what can i say about u .....YOU'RE MY EVRYTHING !!! my little epic sis !!!

without you my heart breaks into 1000 pieces!!! I will always be there for you because without you I am nothing!!! <3

I would die for you !! XDDD

And thalita xD

sorry i forget chuuuu xDDD

teheheheh ;D

just to tell you you're EPIC !!

such an awesome possummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm <333333333

if one of my 4 sisters ever go away, my will heart break

u ar the BEST !!!!!! <3 <3 <3

devaintart id : missfemke37

link xD : http://missfemke37.deviantart.com/

bye bye <3

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May 13

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Somwhere in belguim c:


Drawing ALL the time

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Drawing xD


Dutch english