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Hello this is Jax.

I don't really want to put anything personal on here because I'd rather tell people myself and actually get to know people...

But I will put my Flipnote Hatena related stuff on here!

Lowest Rank: 13

Most Stars on a flip: OVER.... about 200,000

Favorite creator: Me of course. Lol jk there's too many

Current Goal: Honestly, I don't care about rank or stars. Just want to make awesome friends :)

I have a channel!!!! Jax's Official Meh Channel. Be sure to check it out and post lots of flips in there!!!

HOLY SHYZZ 2100 fans and growing!!! Thank you guys for being so supportive! I'll try to finish and post some MV's for you guys soon hopefully so keep an eye out for them!

"I used to be a great flipnoter like you, until I took a report to the flipnote"


I'm out.

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