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hi, i'm Jayden, i'm 16 yrs old and my b-day is the 4 of april


personal best creator rank: 128

personal worst creator rank: 6,987

my goal(s) for hatena:

under rank 300 - completed

in the top ten - uncompleted

35,000 yellow stars - uncompleted

15 green star - uncompleted

5 red stars - uncompleted

2 blue stars - uncompleted

1 purple star - uncompleted

50 fans - completed

100 fans - completed

150 fans - uncompleted

200 fans - uncompleted

bronze citizenship - completed

silver citizenship - completed

gold citizenship - uncompleted

platinum citizenship - uncompleted

i'm a very chilled-out person but i love to have abit of an laugh. i hate star begger and flip thiefs.

and if you want me to do a collab, autograph book or anything else, just ask meh 'n' i'll join in with it because you asked.

and a special thank to all the creators that have added meh and some of these creators are: zxi, coco, ells, epic frazz, sorsa, phebe 'n' akutsu. but thank to all the creators i havent said aswell.