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hi everybody! i'm kairixtime. i am just starting to learn to drawing anime/ if people give me some tips,i think i'm aprove alittle.also,i need help on anamations.there so hard to goal on hatena is getting aleast 100+ or 200+ fans.but thats going to take a long time.also i'll be posting a flipnote every two weeks or earlyer.

my name kairixtime: the first part of my name kairi is from my most favorite name ever!because the it came from my fav. game and from that game i had a fav. charater. and her name was karir! this game is kingdom hearts if you did'nt guess it already. the other part of my name ( x time) came from an kingdom hearts cosplay show on youtube called ''Demyx Time!''. i took the ''time'' from that name and if you look at the name of the creator of demya time her name is ''jenxthejinx''.i took the ''x'' from that name. now i put of them together and get kairixtime. you see i'm a kingdom hearts fan lol.




hmm over 9000!


11/18 remember it!

Blood type

idk but if you could help me find out that would great!


high of the dead.....filled w/ ppl that's alive.....and no zobies at all....and stuff.....woot!that's the boring life!


watching anime,reading manga,going on facebook,playing on my DSi or 3DS,drawing a whole lot,playing sports,lissoning to J-pop and J-rock,eatting sweets,and being lazy~

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drawing in shojo style...eating,and being lazy....having no self confidence and socally awkward in real life


only english