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I resemble Artichoke cardoon but non-become it.

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I resemble Artichoke cardoon but non-become it.

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I love music classical ballet, nature, reading, traveling(railway passenger), drawing pictures, and studying English


I want to kick out my Donkey English...but, I'm a scatterbrain...


Snow fairies dancing in the sky. I imagine two places. The one is marine snow in the deep sea. http://tinyurl.com/ye53loy


Although, the blink of stars in the space. http://tinyurl.com/ycoz5r3


The human is eager in the space exploration. However, the deep sea exploration is the unknown world in the same way...

Both excite my imagination! :D


To tell the truth... The adventure of "the English world" is very difficult for me, too! and seems to be drowned. XD


Japanese word-chain game (in English)