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Alright, I guess some of you you wanna know a lil' somethin' somethin' about me, eh?

Well, hello, everyone, my name is dIffeRentOne! Now I am latino, umm, and.... ah forget this -throws script-. As yo can already tell by my name, I'm not like others, I have multipul personalities. I'm usually crazy, but when it comes to business, or Hatena, I will type in a mature manner, if you want insanity, check out my flips! Hopefully to you guys I'm not one of those numb nuggets who horribly go up to the top by either reposting other's flips without original work, or one that uses overused memes -coughnyancat- in order to get an inexplicable amount of undesereved stars and/comments. So right now, I'm kinda learning how to play the guitar, so I will ask you guys how I'm doin' so please rate me!

Well, I guess thats it... for now, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA -WHEEEEEEZ-, argh... sorry. I'm dIffeRentOne, and I'll see you guys later.