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Hi im ♪PersonaWolf♪◆ I have a 3DS. Status:Taken. Im 11 years old and i'm a girl. My favorite animal is a Wolf I have about 500 O.C.s and more. My names Kaya

If you have these game systems or games ADD ME!

Ps3 poKewoLf435

Grand Fantaysa PersonaWolf OR Persona3Wolf

My cyber family:

S0lar paws cyber sis

Dark Wolf cyber sis

FireS0ul cyber sis

SkyWolf cyber sis

My friends:

1.Tsuki♪ -we'll miss you-



4.Alpha fox


6.Kestrel -RL friend-



9.Maleena C-sis





14.Art wolf


Tell me if I forgot you.

My series:




Tales of the nine tailed wolf


My main O.C.'S


Tetsi is a laid back she wolf/cat/fox. -aka Fenine/Caline XD- She has two tails and many friends. Tetsi owns a bow & arrow so I wouldn't mess with her. Her best friend is Akane, and because of her mother and worst enemy she has to become mates with Nightfire. But she find an old friend and falls for him.


Akane is a sweet noble wolf and was found in the forgotten forest. She is a wolf of Tetsi's old pack. She acts like she doesn't remember because of a bad experience.


Kaya is my one of my main o.c. because shes me as a wolf. Kaya is a golden wolf make fun of her she might end up k!ll!ng you so watch out........ Kaya was almost k!lled by her father, and ran away. White fallowed and they got separated.


Pokewolf is part Wolf/Espeon and Umbreon i made her up so Kaya will have a frend she can rely on. Pokewolf is sweet kind nice and friendly.One time when Pokewolf was traveling a wolf frome the dark relm acted as if he had a cush on her... when she found out... -long silence- so yea...


  • Yes she is named after my fave game-

Persona is a kind timid wolf with mood swings -like me XD- I can't say much since shes the main character of my new series

best crearer rank


100 fans: FINISHED

200 fans: not finished

300 fans: not finished

400 fans: not finished

500 fans: not finished

100★: finished

500★: finished

5,000★: finished

10,000★: finished

25,000★: finished

50,000★: not finished

100,000★: not finished

Get 1,000★ on 1 flip: Done

Get 5,000★ on 1 flip: Done

Get 10,000☆ on 1 flip: Done

Get 20,000☆ on 1 flip: Not Done

Get a flip in MP: not Done

Get a green☆: done

Get 5 green☆: done

Get 10 green☆: done

Get 15 green☆: not done

Get a red☆: not done

Get a blue☆: not done

Get a purple☆: not done