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yo,lets start with my name.igo by cynthia thas wat ya guys can call me,if u no my real name u may call me by it.


Animals,school,music,video games,vollyball,soccer,pokemon,watching tv,talking to friends,writing music,typeing,soon skate boarding(my dad still has to teach me),riding my bike,shoping,hunting,fishing,cheering,partying,learning,blowing stuff up,catching assorted things on fire then watching them burn,playing guitar (i sitll got wayyy to much to learn),playing volin(even though i dont have 1),working on motors(my dads teaching me about that to still have much to learn in that area),swimming,shooting,taking things apart aka pissing my dad of,lol.some other things i like to do are be around my dad,rebell aginst my dad when he tells me to bond with my mom,i plan to ask my dad to teach me how to dance(im already a pro assshaker)i like to learn about cars,my favorite subject in skool is scince and boys.=Dloli also enjoy working out i just got a new work out disc its called the P90X the x is for exstream,i also like basket ball(i can shot but nothing else),gun ranges,guns,playing t or d(i dont play with strangers),playing with my dogs,training my dogs,meeting new ppl,and learning about other places(includeing the past)