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Name: Kenny

Age: 14

Birthday: October 10th

Race: Korean

Fav Place {by far}: Seattle Washington

Fav Food: Anything >XD

Fav Word: $exy

To Everyone: I'm taking a break to improve myself. I'll be back some time later. For now, enjoy yourselves~





~Mini Joe












~{More later

Message to those who have done this $hit: STARS AND POPULARITY ARE WORTHLESS, I mean. It"s not like it's gonna get you achievements in real life (except if you plan and have a future animator job) so don't think of those, I'm only here to make friends and so far I have.

Fav games:

Wii: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and Star Wars Jedi Duels.

Gamecube: Paper Mario, Super Mario Subshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, The Legend Of Zelda Windwaker, and Mario Party 5.

XBox: Call Of Duty Mw3 and Dance Central 2

Dsi: Pkmn Black, Mario Party DS, Star Wars Lego

iPod Touch: Angry Birds, Angry Birds; Space, Fruit Ninja (CUZ IM ASIAN XD), BattleField3, Modern Combat 2, StickRun, World Poker, cut The Rope, and Angry Birds Season.

Awesome Friends I recommend:





~Mini Joe

~{More later}

Status: With Rachel ://3

Dislikes With A Passion:



Immature People


Boring And Mean





Hang With Friends

Help People

Be Kind

Youtube Name: kenzoidz

Coming Soon On

Stupid Mario Kids Season 1

Coming in August 20th 2012


Coming Soon On Hatena:

Stupid Mario Kids Animation Adventure Coming in July 5th

Pretty much I'm peaceful and a nice guy yet I can go $exy-HAWT crazy XD

So yeah...

That's all for now.

{Updated On June 29th 2012]

  • $exy Beast- er I mean Kenny!!!!!!!!!!
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