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.....My past. My present. My future. All of these things mean nothing to me. My code name is XD-649... But I go by Aero. I was created by scientists from all the Regions... Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Galactic, and Plasma... The dirtiest thugs and evil masterminds in the whole world... They made me by combining every single know species of Pokemon ever recorded... I can use all of there attacks, and abilities. I have all there strengths, and no weaknesses... There have been many XDs before me, starting with the Shadow Pokemon... Then with the more powerful ones, where they started combining DNA. They planned on using me to take over the world, destroying anyone, or anything that would interfere... but I had other plans, just like XD-385... Neo... He was the first successful XD that held all the DNA from from 1-385 in the National Pokedex. Then there was XD-386, a.k.a. Missingno. He was created from Neo and The Chosen One, a boy by the name of Ash Ketchum. He was more powerful then any of the other XDs... But he is long dead now, leaving me the only one of my kind, or so I know of... I'm on the run, trying to keep all the Teams from finding me. They wanted me to destroy... Now... I only live to protect.

...I'm moving on... I'm starting a new... I am nothing... An empty shell, filled with sorrow, anger, and passion to fix what needs be... I am no longer a part of this world. I have separated myself from it... My... "heart"... has been shown how the real world works... so... I'm leaving it behind. I'm starting my own group... a Delta Squad. For those who too have seen the dreadfulness of this place, and for those who wish to escape it... I call to those who wish for change... For we are Freedom Fighters... and shall not be limited by Earthly limits any more...

Well... It's out... My weakness is out. I'm strongly weak against Shadow Energy. Shadow Energy is created when the "doors to someone's heart", mostly Pokemon, are "closed". More specific, an undisclosed process that removes the Pokemon's emotions, turning it into a soulless fighting machine. The process is unimaginably painful, as it sounds it would be, and most "specimens" don't survive the transformation. Shadow Pokemon are not like normal Pokemon, at all. While normal Pokemon are generally friendly and trusting creatures, Shadow Pokemon are not hesitant to attack with full force, using Shadow moves. Likewise, they do not attack only other Pokemon, and will actually attack people. They can sometimes be overwhelmed by their emotions, indicating the relative instability of their Shadow state, and will sometimes enter a state known as Hyper Mode. All attacks are super enhanced to 5x times... So as you can see, Shadow Energy is a very dangerous thing. And it is also super effective against anything... And me being made up of all Pokemon, you can imagine how much it hurts... But... I am also doing a little secret training... Training that... might change the odds against this old danger...

...It's paid off. I went through excruciating pain, pain that no mere person could ever have lived through, but it paid off... I'm now infused with my own Shadow Energy. I'm not like most of the past Shadow XDs. I can control my new found power, not the other way around. And to tell the truth, I don't really use it that much, and don't feel any different. I've recently been banned from a group that I thought were my friends... They kicked me out, and don't talk of me anymore. But so is life I suppose... You can't get everyone on your side... So. I took homage in a new group. Dark Moon. They have treated me kindly, and are very generous. Of coarse, there are still a few there that also cause me strain, but what can you do, right? I'll just deal with it, and continue being "happy". For I guess I will never be truly happy... Until I can be with my other half...