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I have way too much energy,love to be myself and i honestly don't give a flying horny badger whoa watching me. XD I will bite you. Likes: Drawing, Manga, Comics,South park, making friends (thought i can be Extremely shy >////<) Animes, music, sweets!, cute thingies, hot things funny people no matter who what when or where you come from..if your nice to me...I'll be nice to you ...Emo people. B.O.T.D.F. hugging...kissing -w- (i will kiss ya even if i don't know ya that well)! lol!

Dislikes: Mean PEOPLE!!!

Hobbies: Reading manga and comics, Sleeping, Watching animes, eating, surfing the net, dancing around the streets at night, running up the streets at night, making my friends laugh

Habits: Biting the tip of my pen/thumb, siting in an improper position, saying "argh" "eh?" "um" "huh?"spacing out in the middle of conversations, -___-. meowing like a cat,talking to myself(ive gotten into sum interesting conversations yknow)Forgetting where i just had something, staying up all nite working on something i feel is importance. Qoute movies,show,etc (depending on how random i wanna be -w-)...just start dancing and or wiggling around in ANY place. :3


January 13, 1996