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It's awesome being happy eternally while using penguins, rainbows, pink hamsters, and lollipops to murder various races of people. Yes, the logic of the pink knight. (Castle Crashers) If you have it on the PS3 add me (ts1245) VIKING POWAH

Working on designs, I want my citizenship so I may post random stuff that nobody cares about. Se.xinnes has not yet been accomplished, I need to make a channel and stuff.


Maelstrom, Typhlosion

Grimly, Ghost/Human

Remillia, Ghost/Human

Andr, Dark Spectral Blob/Human

Desh, Human

Mid, Human

Sazandora, Me

Mini Grimlies, Ghosts

Mecha Grimly, Robotic Ghost

Mecha Contessa, War Machine Ghost

Various unrevealed ideas and prototypes, ???