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ok..this is a new info now that i delleted the ridiculous one that i write here.....hmmph

im loyal,DEFENCIVE,crazy and awesome.im not annoying to any one...all the things that i said of loyal,defencive,etc. is a Sidekick mod its new here so if you want to be i will define it

Sidekick: Good person,Defencive,loyal,crazy and happy.they invite friends to a party and they defend well the girl sidekick's

Girl Sidekick's: they are awesome good person really Defencive and more crazy than the sidekick's.they talck at the phone several times and they defend normal friend's and the sidekick's.they accept any invites from the sidekick's.

hope this definition helped you and yah is not that you kick on a side even is not a cell phone D8 liol. bye and good luck with your flips :D


Aditional info: the clan [AWF](Advanced War Fighters) stands for clearing hatena of star's beggers and healping others,aliance with team hatena is in progress...if you want to join or change you are free to change and join to help you be a better hatena member.