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Je change et j'en suis fier!HAHAHA! lol

Je vous adore mes friends! Merci a Marion et a cookies.(shira si on prefere). Malgre que je ne vous ai pas mis dans mes flip friends vous etes toujours mes anis?nya...? DITES OUI!HA!PIeGEZ!

ma bff: Terezi, Gamergirl, Snow, Charlie, Hitomi, I love u!<3

Ma friends: Marina, Emmy, Susana, Packy, Grace's, Cosmo, Caly-N, Chipy, Nayella, Shira, Marion, Marie, Alizee, Zatana, BunnyBabe, Snow, Alink, Laly, Luka, Sora, BananaB, furball, CRCelesta, Fleau, Hitomi, Zonic, Nicole, Danie, Charlie, Caly-N, Striderpeh, and some others! ;3


My 2 Main Charas:

Suki 11 years old

She crush its Shira, (by Cookies).

This is the owner of the Whammy Anarchy Family.

Huiriu, ME, 16 years old

He crush its Alexie, (by Emmy)

She is the Hero of my super serie Circus Monster >:D

Suicun. 12 ans. Est- en couple avec Lola( Hitomi). -

My other charas and she crush:

Shark X Hinote (BunnyBabe)

Tobio X Alizee (Alizee)

Stars X :(

Heartless X nobody want Heartless :(

Nami X ???

Tobiane X waiting... Again

HuiriuBeta X waitinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng...

Helios X Kio (Caly-n)

Lisa X ??? Alexandro X??? LucasXHitomi (Hitomi)



Collab: Rosez, Hitomi, Caly-n et Marina... PV: Dancing with tears in my eyes...



Merci de me dire coucou de temps en temps, merci, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!