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Hello, ladies, gentlemen, Tyranosuarus Allans, and chocolate geniuses! You can call me World3Boss. I promise you that that is not a random name, and that it actually used to mean something, but I won't get into that now.

About me!

I'm a servant and friend of God, a writer, an artist,and an animator. I also play piano and design a lot of complex bionicles. Oh, and I have several forms of Synaesthesia. My favorite foods are mostly Italian, and my favorite tye of music is Electronic (Well, most types of it, at least, as you can probably tell from my flipnotes). I've come a long way with the Creator these last couple of years. I was already saved, but I was baptized in the Holy Spirit(and later in water) some time ago, and as a result, my life has changed completely. I no longer have to imagine God or fret about Him and His message. I'm a friend to the real Jesus, the real savior, not the "religious figure", not the "historical dispute", the actual real being who went through torment and died to save us from sin, so that whoever should accept Him as Lord and repent of their sins could not perish, but have life and joy everlasting. If you just read about the details below, and give your life over to you Maker, he may just reveal Himself to you in ways you wouldn't have imagined. I love Him forever, and owe and Eternity to Him.

Now lets talk about the truth. Whether you believe it or not, there is such as thing as absolute truth, and the more you look into it, the more you'll find this to be undeniable.

Long ago, God created the world. The world couldn't have created itself. The only sensible explanation is that a being without a beggining must have created everything else. After all, could you or me make, let's say, a pig, out of nothing? Of course not. The only logical conclusion is that something smarter than you or I was there to make it. Animals aren't smart enough to make themselves. Random proccesses aren't smart enough to evolve every organ in an animals body at once. In fact, animals can't evolve outside of their genetic codes.

That's not the important part, though, this is:

What will happen to you when you die? God makes it clear that we can't bring evil into a place as perfect as heaven. So have you sinned? Let's look at the ten commandments.

Number I: You shall have no other Gods before me.

That means you shouldn't treat anything else like God. Wether it's a false god, drugs or alchohol, or anything else.

Number II: You shall not make yourself an idol.

That means that you shouldn't worship anything on Earth like you should worship God. I doubt you've sone this, but you may have.

Number III: You shall not misuse the name of the Lord.

That means that you shouldn't use God's name as a curse word. He created you and gave you everything you have, and so it's a huge insult to him. (Examples: OH MY GOD! Jesus Christ! And things like that)

Number IV: Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

That means to remember to take time to worship and honor God every week. Sunday is usually regarded as the Sabbath.

Number V: Honor your father and mother.

God gave you those two people for a reason. They aren't perfect, of course, since they're only human, but God wants you to respect them. Unless, of course, they go against God's commands.

Number VI: You shall not murder.

This means that you shouldn't kill someone, and Jesus later esplained that it also means that it's wrong to hate someone or insult them.

Number VII: You shall not commit adultery.

This one gets a lot of people. It doesn't just mean cheating on your spouse, but Jesus said that you've already committed adultery if you've looked at someone to lust after them.

Number VIII: You shall not steal.

It's self-explanatory. You shouldn't steal something from someone else, no matter how small.

Number IX: You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

What does that mean? It means you shouldn't lie. Any lie is damaging, no matter how small.

Number X: You shall not Covet.

What does that mean? It means you shouldn't be jealous of anything someone else has.

So... why did I just show you all that? Well, it was to let you know that we've all fallen short of the glory of God. By His standard, we would have to go to hell. FOREVER.

Fortunatly, we have a God willing to forgive us and take on our s1ns if we are willing to give them over to him and turn away from them, as well as confess Jesus as our Lord. That's why he had to d1e for us. I love God so much and have witnessed his power firsthand.

That's why God had to become a man and die for us. That's why he had to suffer as we do.

For those of you who don't know what to believe, I encourage you to think about this. This isn't just something we pulled out of nowhere, and there is a tremendous amount of information backing it up. Not only that, but God is such a known part of my life at this point that trying to convince me He isn't real would be like trying to convince me that I don't have hands. I used to be a nervous, anxious, fear-filled, confused fellow before I became a servant of God. Everything just seems to make since now. No matter what anyone says, all the answers we could need are in Christ.

If anyone has a question, send it to my newest flipnote.


Q: How is Christianity different from any other belief?

A: It's the only one that has any information to back it up. Most people think the opposite, but nobody can actually prove God doesn't exist, and plenty of people can prove that he does. We can even prove that everything else about Christianity is true.

Q: How do we know that what the Bible says is true?

A: It was written by many people from different periods of time, and doesn't say a single innacurate thing about the history of the world. Also, its prophesies predicted many things that have actually happened in advance. Every prophesy in the Bible has come true, except for the ones about the end of the world, which has yet to happen. The different people who wrote the Bible wrote what they heard from God. It's all his word.

Q: Isn't the Bible contradictory?

A: No. The Bible has been translated many times by brilliant scholars. Sometimes, there may be a tense mistake or something like that, and people attack it thinking it's a contradiction when it made perfect sense in the original language. You show me one contradiction in the Bible and we can show you MANY ways that it perfectly lines up with everything we know about science and history.

Q: How can God be good if he allows so much evil to happen?

A: God did not create evil; he created and angel named Lucifer,and Lucifer invented evil and became Satan, who moved on to corrupt others. God only let evil exist so that we could serve him out of freewill, rather than because it's the only choice. We'd be like machines if we didn't have the option of disobedience. Also, heaven and the perfect Earth God will later make wouldn't be so joyous if we didn't know evil. We coudn't enjoy light if we didn't know of darkness. We couln't enjoy food if we didn't know hunger.

Q: Why do Christians do bad things?

A: Because we still have to live with our dark side until we die. Sometimes, a Christian may do the wrong thing. We have a savior to forigve us if we'll repent.

Q: How do we know there's such a thing as absolute truth? Isn't whatever you beleive in your heart the alright ffor you?

A: Was Hitler in the right when he murdered millions of people becuase he beleived in his heart is was alright? Of course not! Tell that to the littler Jewish boy who lost his whole family, or the man inhaling toxic gas and dying. Our human hearts are partially corrupt. If we only went out based on random feelings and beliefs, we'd get nowhere.

Q: How could God love someone like me

A: He made you to be his friend in the first place. He hates that you do bad things, but he'll never hate you. He wants to make you into the person he originally intended.

Q: Isn't Christian moral life boring?

A: No. Real Christians have to deal with danger quite often. Anything you miss out on on Earth from being a Christian will seem like NOTHING once you're in heaven. Trust me.

Q: Can God make a rock so big that he can't lift it?

A: Ask someone who knows how to count higher than infinity.

Q: If God made the world and the people, who made God?

A: If someone made God, we could just as easily ask who made them, then ask who made them, and go on forever. That wouldn't make sense. We'd know that there would eventually have to be something at the back of all created beings. That's God. God didn't come into being at a point in human time, He exists outside of it. He has no beggining and no end. The fact that He wasn't created is what makes Him God. If He had been created, He's be like everything else in existance.

Q: Doesn't everything we know about science and evolution testify against God's existance?

A: No. This is a common myth. It's the opposite. Macroevolution(as in, the idea that one animal can become another animal over time) is taught at schools like a scientific law, but any real scientist knows that it's just an extremely shaky hypothesis that one must ignore over 90% of data to believe. Some people think that Christians are like ancient greeks, and that God literally IS our science and our direct explanation for everything that happens in nature(As in, oh, a lightning bolt. God must must be mad today, He's throwing lightning). Those people think that merely by explaning phenomenon, they're showing that God doesn't exist. This couldn't be further from the truth. Most Christians believe in science as a way of explaning and understanding the Universe just as much as anyone else. We know all about all of those procceses. The difference is that we believe that they were expertly designed, rather than that they randomly came together for no good reason. The more you learn about the details of the Universe, the more you'll realize that not only does our knowledge of history and science coincide perfectly with the Bible, but that nature is full of coincidences that are literally impossible to believe without believing in God.

Q: Aren't Christians just a bunch of arrogant shamers?

A: Some might be, but they're a bad example. It's not our job to make people ashamed or act like we're better than them. It's our job to gently help people recognize the evil in their life and help them out of it. I don't witness to feel like I'm better than you, I w




Drawing, Animating, Writing, Listening to music, analysing things and writing reviews, designing Bionicles, playing with them, reading, ETC...

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Double jointed, one of the best builders of amatuer bionicles, semi-photographic memory, Synaesthesia.