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Hey I'm whiteWolf and I love wolves, cats, dragons and dogs and who couldn't? My fav wolf is yarg who got kicked out of his pack because he has weird marks on his face but then he finds another exiled wolf call Karmann and they work together to bring peace and love back to the foest they call home!

I have a cat called louie and that's where most my inspiration comes from and if you would like to see him and his family then go to google and type in lovelouiecat all one word and then click images and loads of pics of louie and his ted will come up!!

I hope you enjoy my flips!^-^

I'm 13 and i live in england ha ha ha lol! I am an only child!!!!! My birthday is on 22nd October. My friends are (at the mo!) :







Anyone else wanna be friends??

Small joke!

p1:what are you doing?

p2:AFK. playing a game on my laptop!

p2:What does afk stand for?

p1:AFK. afk means away from keyboard.

p2:Oh I see

p1:What does that mean?

p2:Oh I see… (OIC)

P1:Yes but what does it mean?


p1:what does that mean?


Funny people! ^-^ luv youz all! peace out!