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HellOoOoo. My name is Emily Grace ______ but I'd like it if you called me Darky.

I'm a turret, Wheatley, GLaDOS, Space Core, Defective Turret, art, Chell, Rick, Jack Sparrow, MLP FIM, Derpy, Cake, Animating, God, Character making, Different Turret, Cave Johnson, jean Descole, Hurshal Layton, Wolf, Companion cube lovin' Human who was dumb enough to buy Portal 2 but have no computer that lets me play it at all. But for my birthday a while ago I got an x-box and portal 2, I was caught way off gaurd and for the rest of the day I couldn't listen in class I was too excited to play it, I finished the game in like 3 days and I LOVE that game xD best game ever! c: If I don't answer messages it's cuz I'm still getting used to Flipnote Hatena. I love animating on photoshope. But it's SO hard for me to get used to animating on such a small screen on my DSi.