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my fave animals are 1.cats 2.wolves. i am good at drawing cats (always) and manga people (sometimes) my hobbies are music, drawing, dsi-ing and reading. i like michael morpurgo and erin hunter and also christopher paolini. i am good at running and i was 1st in my house !!!!!!!! i am a bit of a loner and i admire people with really fast computer typing and people who can make really cool pics with icons like someone i saw once did a massive wolf out of these/ \ - _ and it was amazing A lot of time on holidays i can't really get on hatena so plz forgive me if i say something will be posted and it's not, or if you have to wait weeks for a flip. Also, if u r wondering why this is so random, i wrote the main thing ages ago and since then i hav been adding to it when i get the chance. i just never get the chance... and i just want to say to FireWolf, there are about 18 Firewolves on hatena, but you are by far the best flipnote creator out of the lot of them, and i consider myself priveleged to be your friend.well, folks, for me it was that time of year again... CROSS COUNTRY. i was really peed off cos i could have come 4th but i got overtaken on the final stretch, less than 300 feet from the finish line by some people dressed in white, so i only came 6th D: ;n; but 6th out of the whole of 2nd and 3rd years not bad.

UPDATE: I came 1st in my school and got a gold in a UK-wide maths challenge - and I got best in school and best in year as well! I beat the person who got 2nd place by 21%!!!

places to find me: feralheart: firewolf18

Channels created: firewolf's wolfclan

DarkFire12's Sad Channel










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I TAKE NO CREDIT!!!!!!!! this was not by me! i copied it from the i love unicorns forum on moshimonsters! and... it face appears to be missing...













This was not by me either!