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Let's see I'm 14 years old. Imma mutt which

means I'm half white and half Hispanic. What do I

like to do.....make people lauph i guess. I play football in the late summer and fall. I play baseball in late spring and the summer so I'm pretty busy wit dat. I have black hair (like a boss) ihave green eyes(like a boss) I have....three belly buttons. Which I let my mom lick whip cream out of. Haha I love Gandhi..don't ask why I just love old things especially old men! I snowboard and sometimes skate. I feel there's more control over a anowboard than a skate board..but why would you care. Wat else do you gots ta know oh my names Lucas..hopefully not to obvious. I was born in Spain but I live in America. I don't know why

my mom plopped me out over there. Couldent she hold it in for like 12 more hours course not cuz she's a noob. Well um

ya ...

I am a proud Amish smurf who's dirty pleasure is playing with a light bulb in my ball pit when my legal quardians are out partying with Barney. When I grow up I wanna be just like Billy mayes and sell people useless stuff they'll never use. Either that or I'll be the next Ronald mcdonald and lure children into my house of high cholesteral with dumb gimmiks and even worse toys made in china covered in lead paint. I gots two puppies which I love so dearly that I give them belly button pierceings and low price kilts. If y'all be hatin on pokemon imma teach you a lesson wit mayonase. Y'all be sayin pikachu weak pikachu kick yo.......... No no touchy place. Don't call me a freak cause that's a lie my momma says I'm a beutiful creature of planet earth. Are you gonna call my momma a lyer well now I'm all worked up and my hypertentions creeping up so deuces motha truckers!