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so like, hellow.

thats me.


my name is emilaaaay


i'm quite weird, the ones of you that know me enough'll know that e u e


i love music, reading, drawing, and writing.


i like alot of bands that all fit basically under the few same genres ^ ^

bring me the horizon, falling in reverse, papa roach and three days grace are my fAvOuRiTe bands, if you like any of them or any bands that i like, we're now ~*~*~*~BfFlZ~*~*~~*.

i like games cause im coooool.

pokemon, spyro, ratchet and clank, fun games~


;;i have;;

kik - so, ask me for it, if i know you and are good friends with you. if i don't know you and we can't even keep up a conversation past "how are you" && "wyut" then lol just no.

skype - although i rarely use it i do have it. same as le that^

msn - if you're my friend, ask for it. .w.

gaia - i don't know if anyone on fh plays this but they should cause it's p cool.

marapets - LiFe

tumblr - follow me

~ nerd5ever ~


the best people on le f of h are my closest friends.

jake, ally, clarissa, monaldo


ok uhmmmm bye

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