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hello to my all friends and fan, wath i am going to say is very sad. i must leave from hatena and... i am very sorry but it's forever. ok so i must explain you why. there are a lot of probleme with my ds: my microphone is break, my "l" touch too but the biggest problem is my screen: it is very break, with that i cannot draw anymore. I am very very very sorry but i leave. dont say me to stay, iam not going to do that. Oh and before i forget, if you want to continu to see my drawings, you can add me in friend on facebook my name is: "Marielle Huard". See you soon (maybe) ;)

and sorry for my bad english ^^'

~ ♪~Alizée™♪


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bonjour tout le monde, moi c'est marielle. J'ai 15 ans mais j'adore flipnote. je sais parler le neerlandais et l'anglais donc si vous ne parlez pas francais, vous pouvez me parler dans ces langues.Mon annif est le 1er octobre ET JE SUIS BELGE, PAS FRANCAISE!!! je suis quelqu'un d'assez suis très sympa (et un peu vantarde aussi XD)j'ais horreur de l'injustice.Si vous aimez JB vous pouvez etre sure que je vous aimerez pas >

hello everybody, my name is marielle I am 15 years old.I can speak in dutch, french and english.My bth is the first october AND I'M FROM BELGIUM, NOT FROM FRANCE!!!

MY MAIN CHARACTER IS: Alizée the cat (16 years old) she is in couple with tobio (huiriu's character) Alizée is the principal charater in my serie call "dark moon"

my characters are -sophia the wolf (16 years old) -rydia the wolf (14 years old)bf:diego the hedegehog -flora the rabbit(15 years old) -diego the hedgehog(15 years old)gf:rydia the wolf -léa and léo the tigers (20 years old both) -ashley the squirel(16 years old) -Connor the wolf(17 years old) gf: Sandra the cat (a zippy's character) -Elise the hedge-fox (17 years old) -Star the hedgehog (18 years old) (he have crush on alizée) -loic the hedge-cat (17 years old) MY FRIENDS ON FLIP: -amy <3 -N.Hcosmo -Lea -allison -sora -trisha -shadowtm -danie -arya -siobhan -lechalov -zippy -lesslekers** -mew chan -maribitter -moonlight -ela -turtel -darklady -and a lot of other people -and my 70 fans ^FT^ my best rank is 23# OMG
~NH☆Alizée☆ 01/01/2012