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Hello,I'm Back.

I will Be Spriting.If you can make My Channels Popular I will add stars who post in my Channels.

New Stuff:


  • Im goin to start making sprites in APRIL.(I don't know when.)
  • I made 2 Channels (MarionLuigi00 RPG Channel & MarionLuigi's Pokemon Channel)
If you have trouble making a new title picture of the SoulKeeper.I posted Dark Sonic Sprites.So The Contest Continues.That's All for Today.

My Goals:

10,000 stars Got!

50,000 stars Got!

100,000 stars Got!

500,000 stars

1,000,000 stars

1 fav GOT!

10 Fav GOT!

50 Fav GOT!

100 Fav GOT!

500 Fav

1000 Fav

5,000 Favs

10,000 Favs

20,000 Favs

over 100 flips GOT!

over 200 flips Got!

over 500 flips

over 1,000 flips

Soulkeeper is Popular!

1 green star Got!

20 green Stars Got!

50 Green stars

100 green stars

500 Green Stars

1,000 Green Stars

1 red star Got!

10 red stars

50 red stars

75 red stars

100 Red Stars

200 Red Stars

1 Blue Star Got!

5 blue stars

15 Blue Stars

25 Blue Stars

50 Blue Stars

1 purple Star

10 Purple Stars

Bronze Badge GOT!

Silver Badge Got!

Gold Badge

Platimium Badge

Rank #1


Do you think I'm going to get all

this and become a popular?