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we have a book too.

This book is "brand strategy as management" written by a former consultant of "inter-brand company", an international brand consulting firm.

Brand strategy and brand management tend to be small and understood as "the world of marketing". However, in this book, brand strategy is regarded as management strategy itself, and it explains the role of brand management from the viewpoint of "management strategy" or "competitive strategy".

Its contents are

Basic functions and roles of the brand

Relationship between brand strategy and corporate strategy

Brand marketing

Brand system

Brand portfolio

Brand expansion

Brand management

Work flow of brand strategy formulation

Etc. are covered in one way. In addition, there are only books written by practitioners, and various frameworks, as well as cases that have been introduced, span over 20 cases such as "Toyota", "Nissan", "Uniqlo" and "Kagome.

If practitioners want to understand the full spectrum of 'brand management', there will be no reference book superior to this one.