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I AM AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! In meh world.Of course... Ok whats to know....

My bday is 9/4

My real name is Maya.

I got a puppy called Chester and two guinea pigs.

Imma Catholic but i've got friends who have different religions.

I go to a Catholic school.

I go to school between 8:30am to 3:00pm (sometimes 3:10)

I got many friends in school and hatena.

I LOVE reading manga and watching it.

fav manga series.

'Oh' my Goddess.

Soul Eater.

i don't mind avatar.

Sakura. etc....... i am currently reading the Hunger Games its epic.

I like Horror movies (i know imma freak)... Pontypool, Woman in Black...

My main O.C is called Rekky and she is married to Arrow (one of Seirra's Charaters)

I got a human character called Mia and her partner Callum.

I've got my Onee-chan (Minia)

I got a mum and a dad (hatena) Fraiz and Yuri and part of that family are my sisters Meka-Panda and Caie.

I think Caie said somthing about me being her Sensi i dunno...

i got many (MANY) sisters and i got 2 cousins and a brother! (halo thank you! You were my first fan!)

I got my Godmother Twiggy!


Oh yeah and my two inspriations (by far) are Zucario and spirit98.









I don't know what to say so... bye!!!!!!!!

Zoning out