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(Updated: 8-1-12)

Good news i fixed my dsi yay. I just needed to

calibrate the sensors on the screen .

Not much art but iv been using muro and drawing with the mouse.

Just need to get the scanner fixed and my account will be full of colorful drawings lol. so far im posting stuff from muro :B ...

My characters with flutter the farrow and many more of alexis's friends C:

umm oh Sonic birthday party i didnt get to post it :/ (june 23 was his b-day)

um... eh random art like baby alexis and when sonic found her

the story and blah blah ;P

the sonic 21 birthday comic C: its funny :D

I will copy what i draw on paper and draw it here to. you might see them on deviantart. its at least around 200 drawing but its going to be parted in flips with drawings.

i have been drawing alot since new years I didnt quit :) i just wanted to improve a little. now i just need to practicing my animation and mouth movements.

  • Posting soon(updated: 8/1/12)*



art of my characters

Sega character practice

my new character flip

Music Videos

trying to make a comic (25%) im writing the story now :D

Art Dump (idk maybe)


My O.C's

Alexis the Hedgehog (main)

Charles the Hedge-cat (Alexis dad)

Ghost Charles

Rosanna the Hedgehog (Alexis mom)

Ghost Rosanna

Flame the Fox

Sierra the Fox

Shade the Hedgehog

Flo the Cat

Flair the Cat

Sky the Chao

Cecelia(cece) the Hedgehog

Tracy the Hedge-Cat

Roxie the Wolf

Nina the Cat

Frace the Cat

Harper the Hedgehog

Flutter the Hummingbird

Sydney the Cat

Avery the Rabbit

Cheyenne the cat

Hailey the Fox

Skyler the Cat

Mimi the Cat (me in sonic form :D)


GOODBYE`<3 :)))


Art liked sega
Comics liked archie comics
Games liked sonic
TV Shows liked sonic x
Animals liked dog / fox / hedgehog / cat
Characters liked sonic team
Drinks liked pepsi
Music liked techno