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Hi! im punk k9. So, heres a little bit about me: im a generaly nice person but, y'know i have my off days... im shy, funny, random and wierd. I love video games, drawing, music, horror films, friends and Green Day. Things i hate: people that can't handle others oppinions, (thats a big one) California sterio types, girly girls that always smell like fake flowers, homophobics, show offs and people that think ther the biggest sh*t in the world. Something i really enjoy is music. (preferably Rock) it plays a huge role in my life. ever since i was a child i always loved music, then as i grew older, my musical tastes grew as well. haha. if i didnt have music, i would probly be an

emotionally disturbed child.... seriously :/ Oh, something else i thought you should know about me. i have a few medical problems including vision loss in both eyes and Tinnitus. (ringing in the ears) SOME OF MY FAVORITE BANDS:

Green Day(all time favorite)

The Killers

Linkin Park


Yellow Card


Avenged Sevenfold

Bon Jovi

The Offspring

Foxboro hot tubs ;)

and other bands i just can not think of righ now ;P

Music is what gives me strength

When I want to find a hiding place.

It’s the only thing that gets me through

When my days are feeling blue.

It’s a comfort to my heart

When everything else is falling apart...

~Punk K9