Hi! I'm Forgotten! and I'll be more than happy to help you in what ever problem you have!I'll try my BEST to put as much Effort into my flips! I love anime I'm like C.R.A.Z.Y Over it! :D I love to express my feelings in my flips. Emily, Jordan, Kelsey, Selena, Matsune, Pineapple,Serrah,Tinyheart, Darkestar, Ryuu (Brah), and mai other friends xD and i wont forget mai "F" twin F! <3

are the BEST people to talk to! they're very fun to be with and chat with, AND they're Very good drawers! :D I love to have fun and Chat so if you need someone to chat with I'm the one for you! :D Well I guess I can say that I hate Stealers, False Reporters and De-linkers. Oh and I hate Roleplays too no offence people who love them! x3 Well Good bye! :D ? (>^.^)>?<(^_^<)