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hay there, here to stalk me? go ahead c:

cough i mean. please check update 3

hay hay im fubuki/'s waifu so get lost he's my man ;)

you can call me mivie and i have a good sense of humer so im not a serious cookie.

i loike krispy cream dounuts.... its yummy okay?

im 12 years old and my b-day is on july 16, im a cancer and im stupid and weird :l (get used to it~)

im inlove with k-pop and j-pop <3

im having a hard time in high school... oh no im not bullied... im just too dumb for it D:

i can speak... english,filipino,german-only alittle bit and japanese but i cant read the writing 'cause im still practicing :>

and im on...

facebook; sorry but not telling my real account but you can add this RP account -> fubuki mivie

tumblr; namikyu.tumblr.com

deviantart; pielova

tinierme; mikimiku16

youtube; PMchocochoco

and i play MMORPG alot i play these...

league of legends (LoL) battle of immortals (BoI) perfect world (PW) forsaken world (FW)

sorry im a computer geek lol

my goal is...

200+ fans. (nearly there...)

200,000 stars (idk.. working on it)

i love anime i really wish i can go on a comicon D: but i might go on one if im going to sydney for a holiday :3

i go on hatena atleast 4 or 5 times a week :|

and no my internet never goes down i have 200gb+ so its always fast xD

i live in australia but i was born in philippines :)

and im a girl~

my dsi screen has scratches on the top so.. i cant colour very well... :(

im lazy so it takes me like a whole week to make a flipnote. :c

sorry D:

  • fubuki<3 the owner of this account who is really lazy but likes

to type in useless crap.

#update 2

uhh i feel sick :c

my bro is such a goodytwoshoe tsk.

i found this poem from 9GAG its amazing well for me it is

roses are red

violets are blue

he's for me and

not for you

if by chance

you take my place

i'll take my fist

and smash your face :)

i have more but it has *bad words* so i cant really post it cus there's little kiddies in this thing so yea sorry~! but if you want to see more of these funny stuff go on www.9gag.com

its the bomb :)

so i asked deadjoker to redesign En 'cus im getting bored of his apperance ._. so he will change soon :)

so anyway, bye for now?~ :T

#update 3

uhm...well..bad news... im leaving, sorry. its because my high school report came in a few days ago and i got bad marks, so now my parents are forcing me to study and took my dsi off me. yeah... sad life... :c

bye i guess...






16th of july

Blood type

i donno a? b? meh



Place of residence

haahhahahahahhahahah no

Place of birth




Special skills

i can play the piano (i suck at it u dont wanna here me play)


filipino,japanese(a little bit) and english


People liked YOU :D / my neighbors
Animals liked cat / unicorn
Drinks liked fanta / coke / mountain dew
Food liked chocolate / pie