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hmmm....about me. well, i guess i can start off with my physical appearance. i'm 5'1, so i am pretty short....but i wouldn't change my heighth. i'm 16..and my birthday is december 28!! when i was younger, i had a serious case of bacterial meninjitus, so i had to stay in the hospital for a lot of my childhood. maybe that's why i can be so kidish sometimes...lol. i'm a dancer, in fact, i've taken every single type of dance that you can think of (haha, most likely), and i'm even a black belt in ninjitsu. random, yeahhhh. hehe, but it's because my immune system is lacking..so my mom decided that i should learn some form of martial arts, and i chose ninjitsu. uuhhmmm, i really llike making new friends. in fact, my goal is to be friends with everyone in the whole entire world!!! haha, ever since i was a kid, i would write a letter to santa asking for him to give me strength so that i could give hope and a smile to the people all over the world who just need a friend. so, what are you waiting for??!!! lets be friends, okay? :)