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It's been over 2 months since I've updated this!

Some would call that forgetful...others would call it lazy XP

Anyway, how are you all? Excited for christmas?! Did you know it's 8 sleeps until christmas? Or 7 if you can't sleep on christmas eve :P

So, my luvlies! Oh! I'm making a christmas chain, which you HAVE to do!! No, just joking but it would be great if you could! :) It should hopefully be up on...Tuesday...? Maybe Monday? So I hope you'll look forward to that...I think it's what, my 2nd ever chain? I'm not sure :)

So, guys, I wish you a merry christmas, full of fun, joy...and food XD And give some time to remember Jesus and those who aren't as fortunate as you and won't have a very merry christmas :) Maybe you'll be going to church? I am :) Have fun and stay safe (especially if it's icy and snowy)

Such a serious update! Well, song of the week:

All I want for christmas is you

                    • by----------

My chemical romance

(It's a cover of Mariah Carey's song...I think...)

Merry christmas!