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Hi my name is dakota im not good at singing im awesome at drawing wolves(wat i think)ppl think im not good at drawing like silver yah but he is beter but he said i suck -_- but practis always helps well i always draw on my computer i use to SUCK at drawing and i dnt always like wolves i use to dinosaurs :P Lol but im still like em im good at drawing lots of stuff but horses NO uhhgg u dnt want 2 how i draw em ('-') oh i for got to say im a girl im not saying my age but i do tell ppl but not alot man iv never tyeped this much my finger is starting to hurt but who cares*some1 raises there hand* PUT UR HAND DOWN! lol XD look at my flips well my bro gave his dsi to me so thoes pics of dat boy is not me OK ok lol well all of my names hav wolf in em *person says I DNT CARE* I DNT ASK *throws a thick book at him and looks back*LOL!!!!!!! well i ply a another game called a ps3 THE ONLY GAME I PLY UP THERE IS LITTLEBIGPLANTET(LBP)its a cool game ^w^ :3 .A. XD XP Xd bye hope u like my flips BYE.*some1 says bye then throws a thick book at me then i throw it back at him and he passes out i look at every body and runs nervous gets in a car and drives aways while cops follow me then they catch me and goes to jail fur 1 month and got bet up fur 2 days then throws A RLLY RLLY RLLY THICK BOOK AT THEM AND RUNS*oookkkk ill go eat raw meat bye *then passes out cause got hit in the head rlly hard* * the man who did it said"bye!"