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WELCOME STALKER hi people {Stalkers} haha jk. I AM ZELDA! ima chika! My favorite movies are finding nemo monsters ink despicable me and Edward scissor hands. i like unicorns and owls and tinny little turtles. IM A FAN OF George Lopez is {funny } $PONGEBOB ROCKS <33. my favorite Bands singers r Ke$ha Katy Perry Selena Gomez Bruno Mars Nicki Manaj Wiz Khalifa Sleeping with sirens Peirce the veil Lights & more. i like Christmas eve i like hot chocolate too lol =D. my favorite book is Green Eggs And Ham ALL THE LITTLE KID BOOKS ARE BETTER! THOSE GROWN UP ONES ARE BORING! D: I like pokemon and zelda c: Music = Life. i tried to turn u nice but whyed you have to turn into ice? _ Lights (Band name). buh bye! cya wouldent wanna be ya. _- ZELDA SUMMER 2011 WOO! c: